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Last toon standing

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Come hang out on our discord server: https://discord.gg/GzCXPak

A Battle Royal Sandbox Singleplayer, land on large island with many NPC's and battle it out in ever decreasing battle area, keep fighting till you die or kill everyone else.

Youtube gameplays for tutorials:

If you have played battle royal then you will be familiar, if not then here how it is played :-


Lobby - when game starts this is the level you gets in, it's a place for you to have fun around, pick up weapons, learn controls, practise aiming. Then press ‘H’ anytime to start a new match.

Match -

You will be escorted on a helicopter along a certain path, choose a place to eject and press F to jump.

Go to nearest city and start looting items like guns, armors whatever you seem fit, inventory space may become a problem so if you can find a bag early, good for you, apply it as soon as you find it (Right click in the inventory to apply items like bag, armor, helmet, bandage, scope etc)

M - opens map, keep an eye where the safe area is and try to get there as soon as possible otherwise outer area is just not a happy place to be. Cars can be found near cities, you can use a car using ‘F’ and get out of it using ‘N’.

Tab - opens inventory, left click to select a item and left click on a empty slot to put there, or left click on ground area to remove from inventory.

Bleeding - when you are hit and health goes down, initially you don't die, you bleed, and have time to apply a health kit to resume health again. Does not happen every time though.

Important - if you see anyone close , kill them.


This is an early version of the game and many things will change until the completion of the game. The system specs may change at any time, and are based only on initial testing.

Instructions for new players -

Start playing in Fastest or Fast mode, if you think your system can handle better, close the game, and run with better options like Good Or beautiful, in case of low FPS revert back to Fast options.

Optimal System Specs (Test Systems) (30-60 fps stable or near)

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
RAM: 4 GB total
CPU: Core I3
GPU: 750Ti
Disk Space: 1 GB

*Please note that a better cpu with more cores will allow smooth performance, along with a better GPU. 750 Ti is a entry level but good quality GPU, so anything above that is awesome.

Note: Volume options and other game settings are still not implemented in the game settings dialog, will be available in the next update in next few days. so check game sound and adjust PC sound accordingly.

Special Thanks to Miguel Johnson for Music.

Miguel Johnson Twitter

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Published 91 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsFPS, Shooter, War


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when will the mac version on steam come out

work on new updates is being done, specially the doki island level, mac version will release with this update


how much longer?

at least a week


is it ready yet?

yes today i will upload

I'm trying to contact you


sorry, i know I'm nagging but i can't wait to play!

will it come out today?

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hi featho, join our discord server here , talk directly to me, https://discord.gg/GzCXPak 

i have messaged you

is this gonna be ready by sunday?

yes, we are pushing steam build, i think by sunday i will put a mac build on itch.io.

Can't wait to play!

when well this come for mac

by end of next week.


The mac version is coming out that soon? Yippee!

your game was amazing  vote this game on steam please

Is this game going to be made for Mac?

i will put a mac copy for sure, dont know the range of support it will have.

Thank You!

The latest update is pretty cool!

Hi i bought the game but it keeps on crashing when i try to launch it help please!

hi ivan, can you tell me your pc configuration and is possible a small video of it happening. in next 3 days a new patch is also coming. i will try to know what is happening and fix it for you if possible.

okay no problem managed to fix it seems like i had to match the resolutions and reinstall the game works fine now!The game is really good hope to see new content :)

Thanks, new update soon.

Hello! Do you think 6 GB RAM and GT 630m could run the game? Can't risk buying it without being able to run, thanks!

Game is more CPU requiring then GPU, we tested on a laptop with 4 GB RAM and GT 610 m and CPU is I-3, it gave around 25-30 FPS, and new version that is coming in next 2 days has one small map for performance plays too, so i think it should work as long as CPU is same or better than I-3

Alright, I have an i5-3210m. So you think it's fine to play around 40 fps?

i5 should give you good framerate, even 30 is good playable, might get 30-50, as it depends on what graphics settings you choose, and how many bots are alive, when bots keep dying framerate will increase :)

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Thanks a lot for the answers, I'm not sure if I'll be able to buy this (or get it through iwanPlays's giveaway) but I really liked the idea and the videos I've watched. You're doing a nice work with the game.

Edit: Also, may I ask what are some features you're planning to add to the game? (Bot improvements? Better inventory management? Removal of the reticle while aiming down sights?...)

yes here are few features that are currently under work - 

1) Play with Friend Bots as squad

2) Better AI bots

3) Weapons Drops

4) Tank battle Royale.


and if all worked out fine, multiplayer for co-op Gameplay. you plus your friends against bots.

Please i want play this game please i want a free key PLEASE!!!!! i dont have visa or master card

Will this become available on Mac?

yes later.

When can we expect a Mac release? Or is that still to be determined?

In next 1 month, as our mac testing systems are old.

Quite cool! Can't look for some controls be be enhanced and maybe the getting-shot-screenshake not being that insane :D