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- Demo version has certain limitations to the full version on steam, also steam version will get future updates like Multiplayer Co-Op and any new modes we decide to add.
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Last toon standing
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A Battle Royal Sandbox Singleplayer, land on large island with many NPC's and battle it out in ever decreasing battle area, keep fighting till you die or kill everyone else. Now with new mode Killing Fields - team up with your green team and kill any orange agents, do not let them win.
Youtube gameplays for tutorials:
If you have played battle royal then you will be familiar, if not then here how it is played :-
Lobby - when game starts this is the level you gets in, it's a place for you to have fun around, pick up weapons, learn controls, practise aiming. Then press ‘H’ anytime to start a new match.
Match -
You will be escorted on a helicopter along a certain path, choose a place to eject and press F to jump.
Go to nearest city and start looting items like guns, armors whatever you seem fit, inventory space may become a problem so if you can find a bag early, good for you, apply it as soon as you find it (Right click in the inventory to apply items like bag, armor, helmet, bandage, scope etc)
M - opens map, keep an eye where the safe area is and try to get there as soon as possible otherwise outer area is just not a happy place to be. Cars can be found near cities, you can use a car using ‘F’ and get out of it using ‘N’.
Tab - opens inventory, left click to select a item and left click on a empty slot to put there, or left click on ground area to remove from inventory.
Bleeding - when you are hit and health goes down, initially you don't die, you bleed, and have time to apply a health kit to resume health again. Does not happen every time though.
Important - if you see anyone close , kill them.
This is an early version of the game and many things will change until the completion of the game. The system specs may change at any time, and are based only on initial testing.
Instructions for new players -
Start playing in Fastest or Fast mode, if you think your system can handle better, close the game, and run with better options like Good Or beautiful, in case of low FPS revert back to Fast options. Optimal System Specs (Test Systems) (30-60 fps stable or near)
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 RAM: 4 GB total CPU: Core I3 GPU: 750Ti Disk Space: 1 GB
*Please note that a better cpu with more cores will allow smooth performance, along with a better GPU. 750 Ti is a entry level but good quality GPU, so anything above that is awesome. Note: Volume options and other game settings are still not implemented in the game settings dialog, will be available in the next update in next few days. so check game sound and adjust PC sound accordingly. Special Thanks to Miguel Johnson for Music.
Miguel Johnson Twitter
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsFPS, War


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Version 5


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this game cant register,someone help me pls.

i will check, and let you know tomorrow. i will fix it. please check if you have internet while playing it, its a online game.

i like being a beta tester for the past years yeet

Gameplay Brazil

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Great Game keep up the good work, I was just wondering why we have to have internet to play this when we are versing bots , would you be able to make it that we don't have to have internet to play it. and I was also wondering how you went about creating the gas cloud/damage effect when we go out of the circle (creating fps game for a school assignment and was wondering how to do it in unity). Thanks for sparing a few minutes to read this.

Kind Regards Jack          

hi jack , internet is required because game loads your player account data, leader-boards information and also the item information from our API server. that's KB in size . Now a days almost everyone who is downloading a game has a internet.

if you want to know more join our discord server https://discord.gg/yjZup2


I understand that most people have internet these days (me included). but if you've got internet what's stopping people from playing some other online battle royale game, there are plenty of free ones, and if I have to use internet for these one then I'm sorry you've just lost a costumer, its not that I don't have internet its just that if I go somewhere else that does not then I can't play it. Why can't you just have all the data in the application instead of having to load it off an API server (I realise this will make the download bigger) and that if you are offline when you win or lose a match it does not show on the leader board.  I really think that if you are making a game and you want it to be successful then you have to appeal to the broader community.

Kind Regards Jack

i understand jack, after steam version goes live, then will do a offline mode, where you one time connect to internet make your account, login and then from settings save your account information and when next time you start game and internet is not there, you can just play in offline mode without leaderboards and achivements.


Thank you, and I wish the very best in the development of last toon standing.

Kind Regards Jack

For some reason when I open the game it stays as a blue screen, but if it ever works i will look forward to the game! 

it requires internet at least on the start to load data from server, if it cant access internet due to internet is not available or disabled in firewall then game wont load.

ok thanks :)

the game is pretty fun. but there are a lot of bugs that need to be worked on. I also noticed that the bots will shoot at you through walls and that when you are in the vicinity while there are multiple bots that they'll only shoot at you. A fix could be that you make sure that they can't see you through walls and that they will shoot the greatest threat (that being you  or another bot) and not only at you. Besides the points I've mentioned I did enjoy the game quite a bit.

hi benyboy, thanks for the review :)

yes wall shooting issue is there sometimes, going to fix it, however about many bots only shooting at you, is because what happens is that bots have teams or two, three or four, sometimes when you hit one of their friend, all remaining team members come to aid, and it looks like all of them are attacking you individually, while its the whole team attacking you.

in full version you also have options for playing with your own squad bots upto 4 members, they do the same for you :)

will there also be a feature where you can turn off the teams? Because I honestly dislike the team feature when you play alone as it takes the battle royale feeling away

you are playing alone in demo only, in full version on itch, or the steam launch (21 october), both have a option to play with at least 4 Bot friends, so you will not be alone then. and in future multiplayer Co-Op is to come for sure, where you can play with your friends in multiplayer against bots.

I know that, I actually 

meant like bot teams completely turned off

that will make game so easy :)

Hey, firstly thanks a lot. I had the chance to try how it runs on my pc. And I'd say it works well. It's really smooth in the tutorial area, and at the start of the game with the small island it doesn't go lower than 30.  And it increases as bots die.

Thanks :)