Patch notes 2.9

Patch Notes - New in this version

  1. Added new level 2 armor and energy drinks now also give health boost
  2. Better death cam
  3. Normal mode is easier now, for new players, hard mode is for hardcore players
    1. circle does not move randomly and always comes near a city
    2. cars  have full fuel, more health and more car spawns
    3. fixed camera problem when you are out of safe zone and getting zone damage
    4. Weird NPC looking towards you bug fixed
    5. NPC guns are not that accurate
    6. No need to kill friend NPC to win game
    7. Zone timings are increased, and also can see the damage zone
    8. Drops are closer to you
    9. Added a powerful gun m240 that you get in drops
    10. Item using bug is fixed, now you cannot use one item and loose it while another is in progress
    11. Added shortcuts for fast usage of items, 7 for health pack, 8 for energy drink and 9 for armor

In hard mode, well everything is hard :)

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